Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Prayer

Gail and I welcomed the New Year very quietly last night - with a few recorded episodes of 30 Rock. I'm lovin' that show. Tina Fey's great, but Alec Baldwin steals every scene he's in. What a big, puffy, expressive, funny, egomaniacal hunk-a-chunk.

It could be the effects of the last Christmas chocolate, but this morning I'm mellow, thinking about a year gone by and another year yet to unfurl. Out of that mellowness comes my prayer for this new year:

Dear God, thank you for the joys and even the pains of last year. In every event - happy or sad - you walked with me. In this New Year hold my hand and walk with me again through each fresh joy, each hope, each project, each friendship. And let me and those whom I love accept all that awaits us with trust in your care. Thank you for your love that has brought me this far, and thank you for your love that holds me in this new day. I am yours, put me to your work. Amen.

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